Today's Gospel: Matthew 7:21-29 Jesus asks us to examine our motives. When I taught high-school students, I learned very quickly that teenagers have a very strong ability to sniff out the kind of hypocrisy Jesus speaks of here. Just because we say or do something doesn't mean we are seeking first to do God's will. When we listen to God's word, truly take it to heart, and act upon it, we build upon the firm foundation of faith. This calls for intentional listening, prayer, and discernment. It's easy to do good things for the wrong reasons, and those wrong reasons provide an unstable foundation. Back to those teenagers I mentioned: they were hungry for examples of people who sought to do God's will. They wanted to see faith in action. By building our house on the rock of faith, we do much more than help ourselves grow closer to Heaven. We set an example for the people around us: our children, their friends, our community. Quiet actions do, indeed, speak louder than words.


When I am making a decision, do I take the time to pray about it? Do I seek God's will in all things?


Jesus, help me to remember that seeking Your will is the first step in building a firm foundation of faith.
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