Today's Gospel: Luke 15:3-7 - Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Today on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart we rejoice in Jesus’ divine love for us. The parables of Jesus are always stark reminders for me that my ways are not His ways. In today’s Gospel reading I am confronted by the disparity between my capacity for love and His. My love is often fickle, it is conditional. Even in the cases of those I love the most, I often fail. Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He delights in each and every one of us. He seeks us when we are lost and rejoices again when we are found. The magnitude of that statement is often lost on me. I don’t think I truly understand what it means that Jesus loves me. He rejoices in me, in my turning from sin. He knows the longings of my heart and He yearns for me to turn back to Him always. The depths of His love are unknowable. He loves each and every one of us in this way. For each of us individually, for you and for me, He laid down His life and poured out His blood. This is such a basic truth of the Faith that I think we might be desensitized to the profoundness of it. Let us spend today contemplating what it means to be recipients of His divine Love. Let us meditate on His mercy and rejoice in the truth of His salvific grace.


How has Jesus' divine Love sought you out in moments when you felt lost?


Lord, grant me the gift of living in constant awareness of Your life-giving love.
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