Today's Gospel: Matthew 10:1-7 What about Jesus’ choice of the twelve, this ragtag bunch of men who are seemingly ill suited for the task? Well, we know that none of this happened by sheer happenstance. Luke’s gospel notes that their call was the direct result of Jesus’ prayer. With Christ as their center they were empowered with the ability to battle evil and heal, as a visible witness to the unbelieving world around them. God did not see simply their limitations but their unlimited potential, if they chose to respond to His voice. Yet the call of the twelve is our call too. Each of us, as disciples having heard the Good News, is also given the responsibility to actively witness the Gospel in our lives this very day. Do you feel you lack the gifts or talents necessary for the task? Not to worry, there isn’t a commission given or a challenge encountered that He will not equip us with the right tools, if it is His will. For this reason, our daily discernment of just how we are being asked to respond to God’s call can only be begun through our prayerful desire to know that will. Still, God does not leave us all alone in recognizing how we are being called to serve, but also gives us one another. One of my greatest joys, as director of ministries for two Catholic parish communities, is calling forth the unique gifts that each person has to offer, then being graced with the time and ability to see Christ at work strengthening, guiding and blessing each in their response to His call. God is never outdone in generosity, and what you offer to Him today He will expand and multiply in ways you can never imagine.


Lord, be my guide as I seek to witness Your light and love in my everyday encounters with others.


Is my inability to recognize my gifts or talents keeping me from fully responding to Christ’s call in my life? How am I proclaiming the Gospel in my walk today?
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