Reflection by Suellen Brewster Today's Gospel: Matthew 11:25-27 Reveal. For several years now the Lord has given me this simple, one word prayer: Reveal. So much that is troubling in our world, our country, our Church, our communities, our families and our own souls is doubly troubling because it lies beneath a shroud of mystery, of impenetrable darkness. Only the Lord can reveal these things. He does not reveal them to the ‘wise and learned’ but to the ‘childlike’. If, in all humility and dependence, like a child, we go to Him with our impenetrable problems and just pray, “Lord, reveal”, He is faithful and will do so. As we remain prayerful on a particular issue He will begin to reveal the root causes in small and large, subtle and bold ways. How many revelations have we all witnessed recently of things, perhaps we did not want to see, but which needed to be rooted out, repented of and healed? This is a grace, a grace not given to those who are wise in their own eyes and who believe they already have things figured out and can proceed quite nicely on their own, thank you very much. It is a grace given to those who are broken and know it. It is a grace given to those who are helpless and know it. It is a grace given to those who praise and trust their Father to reveal everything they need to know to rightly order their lives so that they can come closer and closer to Him. Like a small child climbing into her papa’s lap, we must come, admitting our darkness, confident in His help. Then, like the Son, we will know our Father and have revelation of all we need in order to follow Him all the way home.


In what area of my life, my family’s life, do I need God’s "revelation”? Can I pray for, and be open to receiving that revelation?


Dear Father, please reveal to my heart all that I need to know to enter into Your tender love and care for me, and to follow You home.
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