Today's Gospel: Luke 6:1-5 Oh those Pharisees! Always trying to catch Jesus! Thinking about this Gospel makes me confused. Are we not to eat on the Sabbath? I understand not working on the Sabbath, but does picking a few grains to eat constitute work? Those Pharisees would have driven me crazy! Jesus silences them (albeit temporarily) with one line, "The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath." Sometimes it can be hard to discern when our work is truly necessary. But sometimes, very often if we are mothers, fulfilling the needs of those we care for is sacred work.


What work do you do on the Sabbath that might draw you away from the sacred? What work do you have to do on Sunday that you can make sacred by offering it to Jesus?


Lord, give me the grace to see that the work I do can be sacred.
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