Today's Gospel: Luke 9:43b-45 This is a short Gospel reading with much to think about. Jesus says, "Pay attention to all I am telling you" (Luke 9:44). He says much more than this, too. He is basically telling His listeners at the time that He would be "handed over". This is not exactly a happy scene. In the end, we know the story ends well with the resurrection. But, nevertheless, Christ's human suffering is hard to ponder. Besides describing the physical suffering Jesus endured, these passages give us a small idea of how it felt for Jesus to be so misunderstood. His disciples and others did not understand Him in many ways. And they did not understand His mission either. Misunderstanding is a part of our lives too, as mothers and wives. This is when we call on Jesus to help us in tough moments. Jesus and Our Lady won't abandon us when we feel misunderstood. We are so blessed. Next time you feel misunderstood, pray to Him. He understands your pain. He is there for you and for all those you love.


How does Jesus speak to you in the midst of misunderstanding?


Lord, we love You. Please guide our ways. Amen.
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