Reflection by Kaye Park Hinckley Today's Gospel: Luke 13:22-30 Again, tough love from Jesus, making it clear who will get to heaven. When Jesus breaks down His rule for division, He is not speaking of material things, but spiritual ones. Jesus’s standard for heaven is a sincere love for God and the following of His commandments. In Luke’s gospel, this standard is designated as the narrow gate, a difficult gate to get through, especially when we are carrying the deadly baggage of un-repented sins along with us. The seven deadly sins are the root causes of our sins, both big ones and little ones. Pride: An inflated, unrealistic sense of your self-worth. Envy: The feeling you deserve the possessions, success, virtues, or talents of another person. Gluttony: An excessive desire for the pleasure of eating and drinking. Lust: A selfish focus on sex or a desire to have sexual pleasure with someone other than your spouse. Anger: An excessive, improper desire to exact revenge. Greed: A strong desire for possessions, especially those belonging to another. Sloth: Lack of effort in a necessary task, causing it to go undone, or done badly. The seven deadly sins can lead to mortal sin and indeed keep us from heaven. We get through the narrow gate by throwing off the baggage of our sins by repenting of them, and overcoming them with the virtues of humility, gratitude, charity, temperance, chastity, patience, and diligence.


Jesus, lead me to prune myself for the narrow gate. Today.


From this day forward, how will I cultivate the virtues of humility, gratitude, charity, temperance, chastity, patience, and diligence?
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