Today's Gospel: Luke 13:31-35 So often, most women are filled with apologies over the most mundane perceived failures. In today’s gospel reading, we see Christ sure-footedly respond to warnings by the Pharisees. Instead of apologizing to them and acquiescing to their warnings, He rebukes them. At the end of the stern lecture, Jesus then reminds all of us we will see Him, and gives us guidance in our lives as to when. How frequently do moms find themselves apologizing to other women -- excusing the mess in our house, the loudness of our children, the way a craft or baked good may have failed to turn out just right? Jesus leads us by example in this gospel passage, reminding us to go about the business of our vocation in a confident manner, provided our confidence in rooted in the hope we profess as Christians: that we are doing His work for our families, without apology, believing, and dare I say knowing, He will come again. Our path to sanctification is found in how we approach our vocation -- how we respond to God’s call. It is not found in the mess in the house, but rather, in the cleaning of the house. Our path to sainthood is not found in the loudness of our children, but rather in whether or not we respond lovingly to their child-created chaos. Becoming a saint has nothing to do with whether or not our most recent Pinterest craft or baking project is picture perfect, but rather whether it is undertaken with love. Our pathway to sainthood will be rooted in love in God, and confidence that only He can provide, as we turn to Him for guidance in our lives.


What can I do to better shift my focus from the opinions of others, to Christ who truly provides example and strength to work toward sanctification?


Dear Lord, You alone know my struggles with the work I perform. Please grant me strength and courage to find You in the work laid before me, and the love to accomplish that work in a manner that pleases You.
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