Today's Gospel: Luke 14:25-33 Being a follower of Jesus would not be, and even today isn’t necessarily comfortable. He warns that to be His follower, His friend, would cut deep into what we hold dear in the world. To want Jesus beyond all things requires us to really consider what we are being called to give up, and what we are being offered to gain. When we first encounter Our Lord, like the crowds we are giddy with excitement and eager to follow. Then comes the reality—we are to grow in the Lord, and that isn’t always so easy! Fr. John Bartunek in The Better Part says it clearly, “The emotional excitement that comes from…a special grace-filled encounter with the Lord is like the blossoms on a cherry tree. They bloom quickly and fill our souls with a sweet aroma, but then the long summer comes, and we have to persevere patiently, following an intelligent plan of spiritual and apostolic work, before the fruit matures.” Our challenge to live a Christ-centered life is easier when we are yoked with Jesus, and preferring nothing to that yoke is an ongoing struggle.


What would I have to surrender to be a true friend and follower of Jesus?


Almighty Father, help me to know that my love for You must run deeper than feelings. Guide my thoughts to reason clearly how to love You and my neighbor well.
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