Reflection by Melanie Rigney Today's Gospel: Matthew 24:37-44 - First Sunday of Advent The season of rushing is upon us. We’ve barely taken care of the Thanksgiving leftovers, and it’s already time to light the first candle in the Advent wreath, plan parties, and buy Christmas gifts. Our to-do lists get exceedingly long at this time of year, and it seems impossible to get everything done. We all know Advent is about more than gifts and parties and traditions. It’s about waiting for the coming of the baby Jesus. But it’s also an excellent time to rededicate ourselves to preparing to meet Him, whether that happens today, tomorrow, or twenty years from now. If we do that through year-round prayer and conversation with Him, and through reflecting Him to our loved ones and those in need in our actions, the only time we will need to rush is into His arms on that last day.


Jesus is waiting to spend time with you. Give yourself the gift of at least five minutes alone with Him each day during Advent.


Lord, help me to live an earthly life that You find pleasing.
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