Today's Gospel: Luke 2:36-40 Merry Christmas! Because it is! Still! Christmas! #yayforCatholic Today we get to share the joy of the prophetess Anna, who received the ultimate reward for her devotion. She got to see the baby Jesus! Can’t you just see her face breaking into a smile of wonder? Her eyes probably crinkled and I’ll bet her face got close to Him as she took a whiff of that sweet baby-head smell (and then, of course, kissed Him – because who could resist?). There is something so tender and gritty about Jesus as a baby. Babies are irresistible and demanding and so full of hope. Did Anna know she would see the Messiah? And did she suspect He would come as a bundle of blankets and downy hair? The elderly seem to have a deeper appreciation for babies than those of us in the trenches with them. Maybe it’s the distance helping them to forget the hurdles and remember the joys. Or maybe it’s wisdom, causing them to savor the moment while it lasts.


How can you bask in the joy of the infant Jesus today? Spend a few moments in prayer thanking God for the gift He was as a baby.


Jesus, thank You for giving us the gift of Yourself as a baby. Guide me today so that I embrace the hope You sent us.
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