Today's Gospel: Mark 2:18-22 There’s a saying about square pegs and round holes. It’s what comes to mind when I read about sewing unshrunken cloth onto an old cloak. The thing about being a square peg, faced with a round hole, is that there is a lot of room for God to work. As the Master Craftsman, he can certainly sand you down and adjust you so that you fit into that round hole. If you’re like me, you see that round hole and just insist that it is the PERFECTLY RIGHT EXACT FIT FOR YOU. (Why doesn’t God understand this? How does he not see it so clearly? WHAT IS HIS PROBLEM?) Maybe, though, what Jesus presents here is that it’s not as much about the round hole being the right fit. Maybe, in fact, God has a better plan, something that will work for a square peg. Maybe there is a square hole, and we just need to have the right perspective. That, or He’s planning a big party with some wine. I’ll take that, too. Jesus answers in metaphors and tangible realities for the people of His time. If we dig a little, we can see ourselves in the objectors. And if we dig a little more, we can find the grace of His answers and join Him.


How are you fighting against what God is pointing you toward?


Lord, grant me the grace to accept the time and place where I am. Join me in my daily challenges and help me praise You in the midst of the pain and burdens I bear.
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