Today's Gospel: Mark 6:30-34 After having learned that John (the Baptist) was beheaded the reality of this event was heart wrenching for the apostles. They were getting tired from their daily preaching. Following three years of ministry, they were ready for a break. Jesus called out to them to not measure their success by accomplishments. Instead He is encouraging them to focus on what is most important: their relationship with God. Essentially, they had to come to terms with the fact that persecution was part of being a disciple. There are consequences to following Jesus. In spite of this, their ministry was gaining ground. It was growing and crowds were increasing. Healing demands were increasing as well. Jesus wanted them to have a day of rest, but recognized the needs of His followers. Jesus saw the great crowd. He wasn't upset by this, but felt so much compassion. In Jesus' words, they were like "sheep without a shepherd." Sharing the word of God is critical, and so is expressing compassion. This fact is part of the disciples' spiritual journey, just like it is part of ours!


How can we express compassion like Jesus does, even when we are tired or overwhelmed with our own circumstances?


Jesus, give me the strength to show Your compassion when needed to teach Your gospel and to live Your gospel through actions and words.
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