Today's Gospel: Matthew 9:14-15 I love the phrase, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” It’s a quick jolt of reality to my heart as I often compare myself to others and the things they do and have. This tiny gospel reminds me that comparison is also the thief of Jesus in my heart. It doesn’t matter if it’s fasting, praying or any other Christian action; if I get caught up in comparing my practices to somebody else’s, I realize my eyes are on myself and not Jesus. Our call to holiness is personal, and it looks different for each of us. No matter how He is calling us to love and serve Him, one thing is for certain: we will never hear the call if we don’t sit still and enjoy His presence. I remember one year I thought I’d be extra holy and continue my Lenten “no candy” right on through Easter. I was saving all the goodies in my Easter basket and my Grandma said that candy was part of the celebration of the greatest Catholic day of the year, and on Easter Sunday Jesus wanted me to enjoy the great celebration, not suffer and mourn. (As only an 8 year old looking at a chocolate bunny could.) She lovingly pointed out that Jesus wanted me to rejoice, not try to impress my cousins with my mopey sacrifice. The bridegroom is with us each day and He is inviting us to fix our eyes on two things: what He’s doing in our life, and the ways he’s personally inviting us to grow in holiness. Holiness is not a contest, it’s a relationship.


Where are the areas of your life where you are most prone to comparison? Take those things to prayer and sit with the Lord, asking Him to help you see those situations through His eyes.


Loving Father, You call each of us to celebrate Your presence and grow in holiness each day. Please make us ever mindful of the work You are doing in our heart and in our life.
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