Today's Gospel: Luke 6:36-38 I just love a good to-do list, don’t you? There’s something fulfilling about reading through your items and crossing them off as they are completed. It is possible that I get giddy at the sight of an almost completed task list. I might even have been known to add a really obvious, simple item just so I could have the pleasure of crossing it off the list. (That’ll be our little secret.) What is it you ask that makes a list so satisfying? It could be because a good list keeps us on track in this world of multi-tasking and insane distractions. If you find yourself nose to the grindstone and suddenly, “Squirrel!” you can just peek back at your list to find out where you left off. A list is also great for when you feel overwhelmed at the project in front of you. You can break it up into pieces or steps on a pathway to your goal. Imagine my surprise and happiness when I spotted a to-do list in Luke’s gospel for today. Do you see it? My heart leapt a little with excitement. Jesus is teaching the disciples not to judge others and He breaks it out into little pieces or steps on a pathway to the goal of discipleship. Yes! Lists make things doable. Even big, overwhelming things like discipleship. While lists might make accomplishing tasks easier, the items on this list are not easy. But a list serves as a reminder, a focus to get us to our goal while helping us realize where we are succeeding and where we still need help. Jesus knew these were hard lessons, which is why He spelled it out so clearly for His disciples in a list. To help them grow in loving discipleship with Him.


As I read through this list Jesus gave His disciples, which items can I cross off and which items do I need to focus on to draw me closer into loving discipleship with Him?


Jesus, thank you for providing us a list to help us down the pathway of discipleship. May it help keep me focused squarely on You and growing as Your disciple.
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