Reflection by Brenda Kindelan Today's Gospel: Luke 18:9-14 In the parable of the pharisee and the tax collector, Jesus directly addressed the Pharisees who were convinced of their own righteousness. Jesus contrasted their concern for outward appearances, instead of what was inside, with those who humbly recognized their sinfulness and realized their complete dependence on God. Pride versus humility. I have to admit, I struggle with both. Once I tried to overcome my biggest temptation: buying shoes. My four daughters grew up with me making detours through shoe departments! Well, I gave up buying shoes for a while, and I was so proud of myself. So proud that I bragged about it to everyone. Oops, was that the sin of pride? I turned my gluttonous desire for shoes into prideful bragging. Moral of the story, I still buy shoes, but in moderation and I ask myself if I really need them. One way I try to overcome the sin of pride is to pray the Litany of Humility once a week. In this prayer, I ask Jesus to deliver me from my selfish wants and unnecessary fears. For many years, it was difficult for me to even pray for humility and really believe I could attain this essential virtue of holiness. Recently, I was talking about this Litany with a friend and mentioned that I was no longer afraid of it. I surprised myself by saying that! Maybe the prayers are really taking effect. I once heard that if you desire to change, pray for that desire. If you don’t succeed, then pray for the desire to desire it. If you still fail, then pray for the desire to desire to desire… and so on.


How am I following Christ? Am I actively following in His footsteps?


Lord, You are the way, the truth, and the life. I desire to become like You: “meek and humble of heart.”
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