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Reflection by Leona Peszka Today's Gospel: John 4:43-54 Merriam-Webster defines faith as “a firm belief in something for which there is no proof.” Today’s Gospel is the perfect example of such faith in the remarkable person of a royal official: a stark contrast from the presumed "chosen people.” How often do we make assumptions about others simply based on where they come from or how they dress or what their job is? Jesus shows us in the healing of this official’s son that none of that matters; faith comes from within the heart and the soul and if that faith is pure and honest, miracles will happen. Jesus longs for us to trust in Him, just as this official did. He wants us to believe in His promises without proof and to share our “miracle” moments with others, so that they too will believe and come to know His heart of everlasting love and mercy.


How can we best demonstrate our faith in God and His promises?


Lord, help us to have a faith that is pure and a trust that is steadfast, so that others may see and believe in You and Your promises.
Copyright 2020 Leona Peszka Leona Peszka was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and is a graduate of the University of Tampa. She was commissioned as a Lay Ecclesial Minister by the Bishop of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL in June of 2014. She is currently the Program Assistant and Theological Reflection Mentor for the Lay Pastoral Ministry Institute in that diocese. Her experience includes involvement in numerous parish liturgical, spiritual and pastoral ministries.   Gospel Reflections 800x800 gold outline