Today's Gospel: John 20:11-18 Poor Mary Magdalene. Stricken with grief after watching her Lord die an ignominious death, she is grieved yet again as she looks on the empty tomb where His body should be. John's Gospel does not describe the angels that appear to her or whether she recognizes them as such, but Jesus appears before her, and she mistakes Him for the gardener! Only when He speaks her name does she comprehend. I wonder how often I go searching for things that are right in front of me. Keys, my cellphone, a favorite pen, but more importantly, friendship, wisdom, consolation, and other intangibles. I want signboards, neon lights, and inner locutions that make God's answers obvious. Maybe some people get those things. The Lord's talking and sending messages to people all over social media. But that's never been my experience. Either I'm dense or the Lord is more subtle with me. Probably a combination of the two. Most likely, He's put answers right in front of me, probably in the people closest to me, and I've failed to recognize Him in them.


Do I overlook the people God puts in my path while searching for signs and wonders?


Lord, soften my heart and open my mind so that I recognize You in whomever You send to me. Open my ears that I may hear You speak my name.
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