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Today's Gospel: John 17:1-11

I think today’s Gospel can be particularly challenging because it’s a little hard to read. If it took you a few extra minutes today to read, take heart, you’re not alone! But, it’s worth reading through a couple of times to navigate because it is so rich and beautiful, particularly for those of us who have authority over others.

Jesus begins with His desire to glorify the Father. He recalls the work that He was given by the Father, that we should come to know the Father through Him. Jesus knows His death is quickly approaching and that now He will glorify the Father through His Passion and Death. Then Jesus prays for us, the ones that have been given to Him by the Father. Knowing He is about to leave us, He advocates for us to the Father; he gives us back to the Father in prayer.

He gives us an example of how to pray for our own mission: to seek to glorify God and to offer what we’ve been given as mission back to the Father. This is an especially powerful example for me as a mom because it gives me a model of how to pray for my children. My daughters belong to the Father, He has entrusted them to me and the best thing I can do for them is to offer them back to God.

Like Jesus, I’ll have to leave them someday; but the one Who made them and gave them to me will care for them. So today I’ll follow Jesus’ example as I pray for those who are dear to me.

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How are you an advocate for your children and your ministry in prayer?


Father, thank you for the mission you’ve given me and the children you’ve entrusted to my care. Please help me to glorify you today in this vocation, and to show these little ones the way to the Father.

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