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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Matthew 18:21 - 19:1


Forgiveness, forgiveness, oh that forgiveness!!! But if I don’t….

It’s so hard, so very difficult to let go and let God work in me. There are so many stories of forgiveness the we can read about. So many of the saints forgave their share of people who hurt them. Jesus Himself forgave his executioners. St. John Paul II, physically, purposefully, and compassionately forgave his shooter who nearly killed him. They all forgave so freely!

In today’s Gospel, Jesus teaches us about forgiveness and compassion. The master had compassion for the servant that begged for patience that he forgave the entire debt. In turn this servant showed absolutely no compassion for his fellow servant,and instead threw him in prison. Personally, I know that I would be so excited with relief that I would be exceedingly merciful to everyone around me!

Forgiveness is a gift, and it’s a gift that we have to ask for and pray for. Forgiveness, I have heard, is more for the forgiver than the one that is forgiven. That makes complete sense, because many times the person that is at fault doesn’t know or probably doesn’t even care about that thing that they did. So, it’s weighing down on us and only us. This weight hangs on and causes internal damage that in time can fester. So, with all this said, it would behoove us to start working on this forgiveness thing and pronto. I am going to make it my priority to seek those I need to forgive and pray for God’s help. I want to be released from the debt of bitterness that comes with holding on to past hurts. Forgiveness - it is necessary in life! Won’t you join me in making this a priority?

Forgiveness, I have heard, is more for the forgiver than the one that is forgiven. #dailygospel



Is forgiveness a difficult thing to do for you? Have you had to forgive someone that caused you great pain? How did you accomplish this?



Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for Your compassion and love. Help me to show that same compassion and love to those around me. Help me to forgive others as You forgive me! In Jesus Christ’s name I pray. Amen.


Copyright 2020 Ebeth Weidner