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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Matthew 22:15-21 - 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time


When I read about the Pharisees in their game of "stump the teacher" with Jesus, it just puts me in awe. Jesus is so much smarter than they! It also reminds me of when my children as teens would have problems and come to me for answers. I struggled hard, but only had that moment to come up with an answer, a perfect answer. How does one come up with that perfect answer…like the one Jesus gave the Pharisees? My teens never buttered me up or primed me like the Pharisees did to Jesus!

And oh, how they buttered him up, the accolades! Can you just see their faces, their mean little grins? Jesus saw all of this and more. But it was not His time yet; there was still more teaching to do.

There were at least 2 lessons I took away from this moment. First, that which is Caesar’s should remain Caesar’s: we should abide by the law of the land. Secondly, Jesus is smarter. However, there is another teeny-tiny lesson that could be gleaned here. Jesus knows they don’t want His opinion, so, seizing the moment, He takes the issue to a higher level and implies that they should be concerned with their relationship with God. The Pharisees were known to be so concerned with the laws that the basic reality of God got lost. God was not the core of their standards, just the law. Jesus wanted to remind them of their need for God, that the law of Caesar is one thing, but their relationship with God must still be a priority. God must be a priority in our lives as well. Let that sink in for a moment.



Have you ever had that perfect answer, at that perfect time? Did your relationship with God play a role in that answer? Do you feel that the Holy Spirit had your back at that moment?



Almighty Father, thank You for always having a perfect answer for me. You care and love us in the most perfect way. Help me to love those around me as You love me.


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The law of Caesar is one thing, but our relationship with God must be a priority.



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