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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Luke 4:31-37


In today's Gospel, Jesus reveals Himself as God, as one who has the authority to teach and explain the scriptures and who has the authority and power to cast out demons with only the strength of his word: “Be quiet! Come out of him!” Even the demon recognized him as "Holy One of God." With this exorcism everyone was amazed and asked themselves: "What is there about his word?"

I can ask that same question: what is God's word to me? What is its importance in my life? I can also reflect on the authority of Jesus in my life, what space He has in my daily life and in the life of my family. Do I allow Him to exercise His influence on my decisions and projects? If we look at Jesus' pedagogy in other passages of the Gospel we can see that He is very kind, He does not force anything. Most of the time He asks the person what he wants Him to do.

We need to make room for Jesus to act in our lives. We need to become familiar with His word, with His teachings, know Him more so that we can love Him, serve Him and follow Him. One way to do this is through daily meditation on the Word of God. Set aside a few minutes during the day, read the Gospel of that day, ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten your heart, and try to understand what God wants to say to you with that reading. It is very important to try to see that God the Father wants to speak to me; He has a message for you, with those words said more than two thousand years ago.

The Word of God is alive, it is a Person, it is Jesus Christ himself who wants to communicate with us to help us to one day enjoy eternal joy in Paradise, in His presence.



What are the obstacles for me to be able to do daily meditation on the Word of God, and how can I remove them?



Holy Spirit, help me to know Jesus Christ more through meditation on the Gospel. Inspire my actions so that I can always act according to the Father's will for my life.

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Do I allow God to exercise His influence on my decisions and projects? #dailygospel

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