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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: John 4:43-54


It was as simple as that. Jesus declared, “Your son will live,” and the boy was healed at that very moment in time.

The power of Jesus’ words astounds me. But it shouldn’t, really. After all, God created the whole world and all its contents with the power of His words. “Let there be light.” Poof! Light appeared.

For God, it’s as simple as that. I’m often surprised at how simple Jesus’ words are as He teaches us to live the will of God. Love. Believe. Have faith. Be not afraid.

The message is simple, really. It’s we who make it complicated. “How do I love?” “Why should I believe?” “When should I have faith?”

I admit that simple is not the same as easy. For God, simple and easy go together. For us, not so much. We want to place boundaries and ask for clarifications to make sure we’re doing “enough” or doing it “right.” We forget that God doesn’t place boundaries on His love for us and that we are called to love Him in that same boundless way.

Notice that Jesus doesn’t ask much of the man whose son was ill. He just required that the man believe Him when He said, “Your son will live.” And the boy was healed at that moment. It’s as simple as that.

It’s the same in our relationship with Christ. What He asks of us is simple. “Believe.” And if we do, He does all the rest.



Where do I complicate things in my faith life? Do I try so hard to “get it right” that I lose sight of the complete faith in Christ I’m called to have? Or am I looking for the minimum required of me to be a follower of Christ.



Jesus, Your words are so powerful. When I hear them, I’m in awe of the simplicity of your message of love. Help me to love you without restriction and to remove anything from my heart that complicates that love.


For God, simple and easy go together. For us, not so much. #dailygospel


Copyright 2021 Laura Nelson