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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: John 15:1-8


I have found that the key to an abundant tomato crop is fertilizer, watering like crazy at the right time, and pruning back the young plants to an uncomfortable degree. Jesus says that we are “already pruned because of the word [He] spoke to [us]” (John 15:3). He is the Word of God. My reading Scripture and listening to Jesus speak to me in the silence of my heart is the work of pruning. In order to reap the harvest of plentiful fruit, we then must remain in Jesus (John 15:5). How often have I forged ahead, made plans, investments, decisions, and not sought God’s will in my life? It’s like the unpruned plant, which then grows in all directions, but not purposely. St. Catherine of Siena famously said, “Be who God created you to be, and you will set the world aflame.”

In order to know God’s will, we must stay connected to Jesus. He even tells us to make our home in Him. One year my dog got into the garden and trampled a young tomato plant, snapping it in two. I’ve learned before that not all that seems lost is, and to leave it alone. The plant went on to produce magnificently. Half the plant seemed connected by just a thread, but it was enough. I don’t know what “just enough” is, and that’s not the point. Rather, obviously if part of the plant is not connected with the rest of the plant, that part will die. In order to grow, and ultimately to reach heaven, we must stay connected with Jesus. It’s not enough to liken our relationship with Jesus to reading about a friend on social media. Connection necessitates spending time with.




How do I stay connected with Jesus each day? Do I seek His will, even in small things, or do I forge ahead with my own agenda?



Jesus, help me to keep quiet moments each day to converse with You. Help me to seek Your thoughts regarding everything I do.


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In order to grow, and ultimately to reach heaven, we must stay connected with Jesus. #dailygospel



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