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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Luke 19:1-10 - Memorial of St. Elizabeth of Hungary


What was Zacchaeus looking for, the day he climbed that sycamore tree? Is he simply curious? He's obviously heard about Jesus -- and when it's clear that Jesus will be passing by, Zacchaeus doesn't want to miss out.

Drawing on the same cleverness he'd previously applied to cheating his fellow Jews, Zacchaeus climbs a tree so he'll be sure to see the One he's come to check out.

But Zacchaeus is the one who is seen. Jesus notices him in the tree and calls him down. Does Jesus see what kind of person Zacchaeus us? Of course.

It's interesting that Jesus doesn't answer the crowd of people who accuse Him (again) of associating with the wrong people. Instead, Zacchaeus stands his ground at the grumblings of the crowd -- and is inspired to do the right thing by giving to the poor and making retribution, even before Jesus tells him that something needs to change.

For Zacchaeus, FOMO led to a change of heart -- and to salvation.



You welcome Jesus when you receive Him -- Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity -- in the Eucharist. How can Zacchaeus' reaction to Jesus inspire you to be led to holy change today?



When I receive You in the Eucharist next, Lord, help me to welcome You by resolving to change my heart.

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For Zacchaeus, FOMO led to a change of heart -- and to salvation. #dailygospel


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