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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Reflection by Laurann Donahue

Today's Gospel: Luke 12:39-48


“Lord, is this parable for us or for everyone?” Good question, Peter. The Lord had certain parables just for His disciples, and others for everyone. Which one was this? He answers Peter’s question with another parable, ending with “Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.” Wow. Good answer, Jesus. Those who are prepared and waiting when the Lord comes will be blessed. However, those who get bored or fall away and party down, as the passage would suggest, will be punished. Why? Does not a person who spends their life being a good and faithful Christian, not become a footnote when they fall away? When their lives become corrupt and no longer an example of our Lord’s followers? The ignorant servant was punished less than the servant who “knew his master’s will.” That is a heavy burden if you do not follow Christ’s teachings. Those of us who profess to follow Him are examples of His Word. If we fail to wait for Him, if we fail to be examples of Him, what will happen to us?

The answer, my friend Peter, is that this parable is for every believer. All of us should be that ever-faithful servant waiting at the door with the lamp. We are on the second or third watch. We need to stay vigilant, stay strong. Our watch is not over. Let the Master find us doing His work when He arrives.



Will I keep watch until He comes?



Dear Lord, help me not get distracted by the world. Help me to keep watch until You come.

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All of us should be that ever-faithful servant waiting at the door with the lamp.


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