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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Reflection by Lisa Connor

Today's Gospel: Luke 13:10-17


I wonder if the woman’s paralysis was only physical? Luke says that she was “crippled by a spirit and incapable of standing erect.” Perhaps she was also spiritually affected. Spiritual failings often cripple us. Grief, anger, frustration, jealousy or worldly attachments can impair our spiritual lives.

For eighteen years the woman was unable to stand upright and look people in the eye. Imagine her perspective of the world. She was probably never able to fully participate. Quite possibly, she was never able to fully realize her dignity as a person. Do I avoid individuals with physical or spiritual injuries?

Jesus sees everything that limits, and therefore imprisons, this woman. He also sees her faith and her potential. His merciful love ignores the restrictions of the Sabbath. With His touch, He transforms her. She realizes that Jesus has set her free and she immediately exalts Him. Her new perspective is life-affirming.

The Pharisees criticized Jesus because they could only see that He healed on the Sabbath. They were also crippled. They could not see beyond the surface to appreciate God’s glory. I wonder how I would have reacted if I had been at the synagogue that day? Would I have noticed the woman? Would I have recognized her potential? I’d like to think that I would have seen her, but I doubt that I would have seen her potential. I would have been too busy fulfilling my obligations. Perhaps I am paralyzed too.



What can I do to develop a merciful perspective that focuses on seeing possibility instead of limitation?



Dear Lord, grant me the grace to identify my prejudices and the way I justify them so that I may begin to remodel my perspective. Give me a merciful compassion for the poor and suffering. Help me see what You see. Amen.

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What can I do to develop a merciful perspective that focuses on seeing possibility instead of limitation? #dailygospel

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Lisa Connor is the mother of five children ages thirteen to twenty-two. She is trying to bring Catholic education to more children by working on enrollment at her parish school within her archdiocese. When she’s not cooking large meals, attending family events or trying to spend time with her husband of twenty-five years, you can find her outside gardening, honing her photography skills or curled up with a good book.