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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Reflection by Lisa Connor

Today's Gospel: Mark 3:7-12

Just an ordinary day by the sea . . .

The crowd is enormous and arrives from all directions. People are suddenly cured of illnesses. Demons are shouting. Ordinary? Hardly.

I wonder if I would I have been in this crowd – this unconventional space, listening to an unexpected, unpredicted prophet, savior, redeemer? I’m not sure. I may have cautiously waited to hear about it the next day. Crowds can be dangerous. Within a crowd, people can act unpredictably. Yet here are the sick, filled with hope, disregarding the crowd, in order to touch Jesus for healing. Adding to the scene, demons shout at Jesus, calling Him the Son of God.

This scripture points directly to the brokenness in our world. We need a healer. Consciously or not, the crowd is searching for redemption. The demons recognize God. They see, perhaps feel, His divine nature. Jesus does not want the crowd to be led to Him by evil spirits, so He silences the demons . . . and they listen.

We need to hear that message. Jesus silences the demons. The demons listen to Jesus.

This is a story about the healing of humankind. All of us have some degree of brokenness. We make mistakes. We fail to do what is just and good. We battle demons. We have bad habits. We allow ourselves to think negatively. We let harsh words slip from our lips in the heat of frustration.

Jesus silences the demons. Jesus heals the broken. Jesus redeems.

Go to Jesus! Ignore the crowds. Go to Him quickly and often. Reach out for healing. Let Him silence your demons.



Do I truly, truly trust Jesus to quiet my demons and heal my brokenness, or do I think I'm not important enough and try to go it alone?




Dear Jesus, help me come to you and reach out for your healing. The crowds of the world are noisy, unpredictable and well, crowded. Draw me out of the crowd and help my heart listen to You.

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Go to Jesus! Ignore the crowds. Go to Him quickly and often. Reach out for healing. Let Him silence your demons.

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Lisa and her husband, Mike, have five children, middle school through college. When she is not cooking large meals or attending family events, you can find her reading a good book or enhancing her photography skills. She works to build Catholic school enrollment at her parish school.