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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Mark 6:1-6

In today’s Gospel, Mark shares the story of Jesus being rejected in his hometown of Nazareth. I read through Jesus’ experience and think, how did the people in His hometown not see Him as the Messiah? Why didn’t they have faith in Him?

Then I realize, how many times has this happened to us or someone we know? You move away or go off to school and while you’re gone, you grow in faith, repent from a sinful life, and dedicate yourself to living as a disciple. When you come home to visit friends and family, you tell them the good news about your growth and change, but they don’t see your transformation and doubt its existence. Instead, they want to tell stories of the good ol' days, reminisce, and believe you’re the same person you were when you left.

They don’t recognize the change in your interior life, even though you feel that your interior transformation shines through in your every action, word, and deed. How can they not see the new you?

I think we’ve all been there in some form or fashion at one point.

Jesus’ story of rejection is our story of rejection that many of us have endured. It is simply human nature to look up to or honor people we don’t know well rather than recognize the same values in those we’ve known intimately for a long time. Our loved ones are sometimes too close to recognize our interior growth and change.

Mark’s story about Jesus’ rejection in his hometown is reassuring, as strange as that may sound. We are not alone in our rejection. Jesus is with us.




Have I had an interior transformation and then been rejected by those closest to me?



Lord, thank You for revealing this example of rejection to us so we understand we are not alone and may gain strength from Your experience.


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Jesus’ story of rejection in His hometown is also our story of rejection that many of us have endured.

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