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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Mark 6:53-56

I love how much we can glean about Jesus and His early followers in just a few verses. Today's gospel passage is merely three verses long but provides us with so much detail to contemplate. Today we read that Jesus and his disciples crossed the sea to Gennesaret, where people immediately recognized Jesus.

This is the first recorded time that Jesus visited Gennesaret, so we can infer that the people of this land met Jesus elsewhere and shared the news of His works, and maybe even His appearance, the intonation of His voice, or mannerisms. Whatever had been shared: these people recognized Jesus at first sight and believed in Him.

Once they recognized Jesus, the people "scurried" around the countryside to gather up the infirm (Mk 6:55). These people knew of Jesus's healings and had hope that He would heal their loved ones.

I love that Mark uses the word "scurry." They didn't walk, trod, or meander. They scurried. Scurrying: it's quick footed, intentional, and lively. Do you scurry to Mass, scurry to bring people to Jesus, or scurry to say prayers with your children at night? Do we scurry to see the face of Jesus in our neighbors?

How might our lives be different, how might our world be different, if we made it a habit to scurry to Jesus in the mundane of our day. Let's scurry to say good morning to Jesus today. Let's scurry to thank Him for the gift of a new day.



How will you scurry to encounter the Lord today?




Jesus, thank you for revealing Yourself to us in small details of scripture. Help us to remember to scurry to spend time with You.

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I love that Mark uses the word "scurry." The didn't walk, trod, or meander. They scurried to bring their friends and love ones to Jesus.

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