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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Mark 8:11-13


We crave signs, especially when the signs reinforce something positive in our lives. St. Therese, for example, saw little signs from Jesus everywhere - in snow, in flowers, in other people.

In a more modern and less theological way, we authors look for signs of appreciation of our work. We love re-tweets and accumulations of heart and smiley faces under our Facebook and Instagram posts. But sometimes we look for these signs so much that we forget about the substance.

If I'm honest, I've been guilty of re-checking my social feed to see how many people have reacted positively to my CatholicMom.com articles -- articles that I write to share love God and neighbor -- but yet I love the signs of praise.

So what's the problem with this? Is there a problem with looking for signs? Well, like many things in life, it depends.

In today's Gospel reading, the Pharisees demand signs immediately after Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes to feed the crowds because He was moved with pity for them (Mk 8:2). Jesus loved these people and wanted to care for them, so He worked a miracle -- a tremendous sign.

The Pharisees were different, however. They demanded a sign, not for love, but for their own purposes. They wanted to test Jesus (Mk 8:11). Their motives were self-serving.

Signs are wonderful. We're grateful that Jesus gives us so many signs of His goodness. I'm grateful when people give me signs of thanks or appreciation. But a take home lesson for us today is to look for signs for the right reasons -- to see a miracle, to appreciate one another -- not to serve ourselves.



Where do you see signs of Jesus' love in your life today?




Jesus, Thank You for giving us signs of Your love. Help us to receive these signs with gratitude.

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We crave signs, especially when they reinforce something positive. St. Therese saw little signs from Jesus everywhere - in snow, flowers, and other people. Is there something wrong with seeking signs?

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