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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.


Today's Gospel: John 13:1-15

Today’s Gospel is a beautiful reminder that we all need to give ourselves fully over to the love of Jesus.

When Saint Peter is first presented with the idea that the Son of God is going to kneel down and wash the feet of His disciples, he balks, unwilling to allow his Savior to act as a servant toward him. We are all similarly tempted at different times to place limits on what God can do in our lives. We believe ourselves unworthy, or we think of God as being so far removed from human experience that He can’t possibly be concerned with our mundane lives. We tell ourselves that God will never serve our needs.

Peter quickly changes his mind, however, when Jesus tells him that if his feet are not washed, Peter will "have no inheritance" with Jesus. Instantly, Peter is practically begging our Lord to wash not just his feet, but also his hands and his head. Though Peter may still not understand why Jesus wants to perform a servile task, he realizes that his misgivings are secondary to his love for Jesus, and he accepts the Lord’s will with eagerness. As the Triduum begins, we, too, need to let go of whatever is holding us back from accepting our Lord’s love and care, and instead dive in wholeheartedly to be bathed in His mercy from head to toe.




What is holding me back from accepting Jesus’ great love for me?



Father in heaven, help me to embrace fully the love of Your Son, and to allow Him to care for me in all my needs great and small.


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As the Triduum begins, we need to let go of whatever is holding us back from accepting our Lord’s love and care.

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