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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: John 6:30-35

Several years back, I saw an image of five batteries, decreasing in charge. The first battery, fully charged, was labeled Sunday Mass; every day during the week between Sundays, the battery would decrease a little in its power, until recharged the following Sunday. The point was to see Mass as the place we go to recharge our souls, nourish our spirit, and ultimately give us sustenance for the days ahead. If we went to Mass between Sundays, we would recharge our batteries mid-week!

In today’s Gospel, we have a firm reminder from Christ: He, alone, is the One Who sustains us.

As the manna was provided by God for the nourishment and encouragement to weary wanderers, Christ also offered the same to the believers of His day.

So, too, does Christ offer us this spiritual fill every time we go to Mass.

Too often, we seem to struggle with getting to Mass. Sometimes, we run late on our own accord or because of traffic. Other times, we are cajoling reluctant children and spend time looking for the missing shoe in the van as we frantically park. Our babies squirm to run amok, and our teenagers must be prodded to uncross their arms and at least pretend they are cool enough to be seen with the family. Meanwhile, others in the pews are mourning the days they had with their now-grown children, who have left for their adventures of adulthood.

No matter what our station in life, today’s Gospel provides us with a clear reminder.

Christ, alone, is our battery charger.

He is able to meet us where we are every time we go to Mass, and He is the bread of life, sent to sustain us.

Christ is the nourishment for our souls.

Run to His embrace!




How can you nourish your faith between the days you attend Mass?



Loving Father, thank You for these times in which You share how You always come to us and nourish our souls. Help us to connect our spirit with You at all times and carry You to the world around us.


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