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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: John 19:25-34

“Hey, Mom, I’ve got this,” were the words that rung from my child’s voice when she didn’t get the play time in one of her volleyball games. As her mother, I wanted to run over and talk to the coach and rescue her from any pain or struggle, but my daughter handled her sideline blues patiently, knowing her time would come. And so I had to simply watch from the stands drenched in my agony.

In today’s Gospel, Mary stands at the foot of the cross as she sees her Son, in His last hour. Mary couldn’t come to His rescue for she knew Jesus had to accomplish what He set out to do. Instead, she shared in His suffering from the sidelines.

Jesus shares something too. His prophetic words, “Behold your Mother,” are shared with the followers who stood there. It is in this moment that Jesus offers Mary to the world. She is now our mother and shares our suffering. On this feast day of Mary, Mother of the Church, let us consider how Mary carries our burdens, like we often carry our children’s burdens. We can all be assured that Mary will always take care of her children.




How can we as mothers help model the relationship of Mary and Jesus? How can we endure our children's' suffering knowing it is sometimes necessary for them accomplish their goals?



Blessed Mother, help me to be like you. Show me your humility and help me endure hard times. As our mother, help me to honor your Son.


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Jesus shares something too. His prophetic words, “Behold your Mother,”are shared with the followers who stood there.

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