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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Luke 10:38-42

Are you a meek Mary or a mighty Martha?

Is it better to be a Martha or a Mary? That question has baffled many for centuries. God did not mean for this scripture to become a competition. Few believers, however, can read it without being a little judgmental.

Even my 95-year-old mother, Eleanor, rose in anger when Deacon Pat, my husband, read that scripture to her. Apparently, Mom’s sister didn’t carry her load as a child. When this old wound surfaced, I was convinced that Deacon Pat had met his match. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit took over, bringing peace. Although he tried his best, my clergy husband could not get the point of the scripture across to Mom. Mom had to have the last word. “Of course, Martha was mad,” Mom blurted out, “She did all the work.” “Don’t you think that Mary is just lazy?” she questioned. “Pat,” Mom added, “Why did Mary let her sister do all the work?”

Pat was wise enough to respond with just a mysterious smile. I was about to pipe in with, “I’m a Mary, Mom,” but somehow, the look on Pat’s face signaled me to be silent. You see, Mom is 100% Martha. She came out of the womb equipped with a high work ethic, a superpower of unbounded energy, and an ability to compare herself to everyone in the room. My mom is Eleanor the Efficiency Expert, who is proud to tell you that she worked into her 80s as a caterer.

So who are you--a meek Mary or a mighty Martha? Or do you work like a Martha because you pray like a Mary? The debate goes on. Just don’t bring up that scripture in front of my mom. You may have met your match!




What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a Mary? A Martha?



Dear Jesus, help me to be like Mary, sitting at Your feet to learn from You and like Martha, serving where needed. Most of all, may my heart be set on You alone.


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Is it better to be a Martha or a Mary? This question has baffled many for centuries.

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