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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Matthew 14:1-12

Herod, tetrarch and acting king, was a coward. He had heard John the Baptist’s preaching and was drawn to it. God was calling him back through John, and even though he jailed him, Herod liked to go and listen to John in the prison. Maybe John was getting through to him, or maybe Herod was intrigued and yet, at the same time, afraid of what the people would do if he didn't execute John for speaking out against the unlawful marriage Herod had entered.

But Herod was a coward, and when his niece and step-daughter danced for his delight, he promised he would do anything for her. When the girl’s mother prompted her to ask for John’s head, Herod was afraid again. He was afraid of his wife, afraid of the people who heard him swear to do anything. And so he had John killed.

We look down on Herod, but we, too, have times when we’re cowardly. We go with the flow rather than stand out and be different as Christians. Maybe we look the other way when we see an injustice, thinking it’s just too hard to act and try to end that injustice. Whatever it is, we need to look at today’s Gospel and reflect on how we can improve our own spiritual lives in the public square.




Are there times I deny Jesus by my actions? How can I be more consistent in my faith?



Lord, help me to never deny You by my actions or by my lack of action. Keep me close to You.


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We look down on Herod, but we, too, have times when we’re cowardly.

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