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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Luke 4:31-37

We see Jesus today setting a man free from a demon. I imagine this scene was quite impressive for those who witnessed it. With the power of His word, Jesus expelled the demon from the man. Another impressive fact is that the demon recognized Jesus as the “Holy One of God,” testifying to His divine nature, acknowledging that Jesus has come to destroy the power of the devil, opening to us the gates of Heaven.

Jesus spoke with authority, and His words had power. The authority to speak about the Kingdom of Heaven was given to Jesus by God the Father. So He spoke about the things He knew, and His main message was to tell that God is His Father, but also our Father, and that He wants all of us, His beloved children, in Heaven with Him one day.

The words have power. Our words also have power, so we must be careful of what we say. Words can build and save but can kill and destroy too. We should always ask the assistance of the Holy Spirit to speak only what God wants us to speak, to say only what will help others to build their relationship with God and strengthen them in this path to Heaven. Especially for those who we love the most, to whom we are sometimes not so careful about what we say, we should ask the help of our guardian angels to give us wisdom in what we say, when we say it, and to whom we say it..




Did I say something today that I regret saying? Or did I not say something I should have said?



Holy Spirit, enlighten my words so I can speak only things that build and save and that my life is coherent with what I say and teach.


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Jesus spoke with authority and His words had power. Our words also have power, so we should always ask the assistance of Holy Spirit to speak only what God wants us to speak. #DailyGospel

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