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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.


Today's Gospel: Luke 6:12-19

St. Ignatius of Loyola teaches us one method of prayer is to place ourselves into the Gospel scene in its historical setting. Then prayerfully listen to hear what Jesus says to us.

At this point in Jesus’ ministry to save souls, He has been actively healing people on the Sabbath, facing off the Pharisees and deflecting the fury of nonbelievers. As was His habit, He went off into the hills to pray and stayed in prayer throughout the night. As a Divine person, Jesus was always in the presence of God. But His human nature needed to rest in God.

Then it happens: out of the disciples who have begun to follow Him, He calls the twelv. This number is significant, representing the twelve tribes that once had comprised all of Israel. Jesus is the new King and new Covenant; these twelve apostles represent the whole world. including you and me.

Now He comes down to a large crowd of His disciples. All of Judea, Jerusalem, and the coastal towns are also there. People had assembled from far and wide. I am just one in a sea of faces to Him, all waiting to be consoled with God’s truth, to be healed with God’s power, to be loved by God Himself. Yet He healed them all.

I am just one in a sea of faces, but He saw me too. And heals me.




As I sit still looking at Jesus looking at me, what does that feel like?



Lord Jesus, help me to put away my fears, reach out, and touch You. In return, give me Your healing touch, relieve me of my distress, and teach me to love.


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