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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.


Today's Gospel: Luke 18:35-43

Not by chance, I'm sure, I sat to write this reflection, and another, while my oldest daughter was suffering with mono. Having never had the virus myself, I underestimated the misery it can cause. As she tried to rest despite pain she's had little relief from in more than a week, I read and re-read this and another Gospel reading that recount stories of those Jesus healed from physical ailments because of their faith.

I was struck by the blind man's persistence. Even after being rebuked, he cried out to Jesus, "Son of David, have pity on me!" Then, when Jesus asks the man what he wants, he speaks plainly.

"Lord, please let me see."

Jesus replies and the man is immediately healed.

We know not everyone who persists in prayer and asks Jesus plainly will be healed. Some things are not for us to understand, at least this side of Heaven. Yet there are no qualifiers in the blind man's story. There's no inquiry as to how he lost his sight or whether he deserved to be healed.

I think Jesus wants us to come Him in faith, to speak plainly of our needs and desires, and not to consider whether we are worthy or our plight severe enough. Our pleas alone demonstrate a faith, humility, and trust that deepen our relationship with Him.

I welcome my own children when they come to me with their pleas for help or the desires of their heart without contemplating their worthiness because I love them without reserve. How much more does our Father love us!




Do I hesitate going to Jesus with my needs and desires? If so, is it because I feel unworthy or my needs less important than others'?



When I am reluctant to come to you, Father, remind that I am your beloved child and You delight in my bringing You my needs and desires .


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Our pleas alone demonstrate a faith, humility, and trust that deepen our relationship with Him.

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