"I don’t want to impose my morality on anyone else."

This is a trap that catches many Catholics and Christians.  In this world of multiculturalism, we’re supposed to tacitly acknowledge that all cultures are equal and disavow any superiority of one civilization or set of values over another.  This is considered fair, open minded, sophisticated.  What it is is a logistical trap of solipsism.  Every value is equal means no values have actual value.   Believing the Eucharist is Christ or not is the same.  Believing in God or not is the same.  Cohabitation and marriage are the same.  Abortion and adoption are the same.  All values are neutral as viewed by the general public.  You can have an opinion, but it’s just as good as anyone else’s and there’s no right of you to say your opinion is better than mine.

In questions of taste, like music, clothing, movies, books, this works.  There is no moral issue in preferring ABBA to AC/DC or Classical in your car.  There is no moral issue in wanting Thai over Italian or preferring J.K. Rowling to James Joyce.

But in questions of morality, even stating one’s preference if it is deemed not politically correct – i.e. pro-life, it is tantamount to imposing a theocracy on our country.   People get riled up because someone dares to say that something, this act in particular is actually wrong.  No one who supports abortion wants to think they are supporting something wrong, therefore they don’t want other people saying that the thing they support is wrong, therefore you can’t speak or you are imposing morality.

Silence is an imposition of immorality on society.   People were loaded into trains and sent to concentration camps because good people were silent and looked away.  They didn’t want to be attacked too.   People were sold into slavery and families broken up over generations and treated brutally because good people were silent and looked away.  Fighting for what’s right often leads to serious conflict.  World War II, the civil war, the civil rights movement, these are recent historical examples of where doing what’s right required great courage and in some cases, tremendous personal risk and sacrifice.  It’s no sacrifice to be silent.  It’s cowardice.

If all values are equal then no one should be uncomfortable if you assert yours.

Imposition of a value –not killing babies seems like a reasonable imposition, if you start weighing just the numbers.  40 million and counting lost and all the souls scarred by the impulse to do this act that no one wants to acknowledge as inherently wrong, intrinsically evil, and ultimately morally destructive.   Fathers and mothers hurting without knowing why, doctors and nurses and aids and volunteers calloused to cruelty, blinded by the rhetoric that soothes, "It’s convenient, it’s easy, it’s better this way."

If morality is not imposed by law, immorality reigns.   Do we want a society that cares for the unborn and the pregnant and the abandoned and the poor, or do we want them eliminated in large numbers because it’s just easier?   Impose morality?  You betcha.   Impose good.

Copyright 2008 Sherry Antonetti