Whenever any pro life argument gains ground, the opposition pulls out the "ugliness" argument.  What about coat hanger abortion mills?  What about cases of rape and incest?  If we don’t stop opposing abortion on demand, children who get pregnant will die from the lack of proper medical care and actions prompted by the stigma of shame.  For those who view abortion as a "woman’s right," any restriction is tantamount to a theocratic imperialistic dictatorship, in which the poor women are controlled by a combination of their biology and the strict edicts of the government.   But let’s take on the argument that abortion must be allowed to combat other evils.

Abortion does not prevent rape or incest any more than allowing theft would prevent shootings and vandalism.  Allowing one evil does not prevent other evils.   Having abortion available does not lessen the incidents of rape or incest.  Abortion hides evil acts.  Rape and incest can be hidden indefinitely by a child not being born.  Abortion on demand without notification, without the option of alternatives, enables the abuser or the sexual predator to continue unchecked, uncaught, unabated.   The discarded unborn would be a tell tale sign of sexual activity, the DNA of the child, an inescapable proof of the people involved.

So then what about the scared teen that decides to take action herself?   This is perhaps the most tragic argument.   We should have abortion so that teens won’t make stupid decisions and try to administer the act themselves?   The coat hanger argument  is so raw, so ugly, it threatens to emotionally drown out any attempts to fight back.  Yet, the argument itself is a reason we should oppose it.  Death is senseless and tragic.  We want a society that protects children.   Abortion likewise is senseless and tragic.  We want a society that protects children.

The lie: abortion is a shield against teen foolishness.  The truth: Abortion condones teen foolishness by compounding it.   Abortion tempts you to think "You can be reckless with your sexuality, with others, with your own body without consequence." Abortion operates as a mental and emotional eraser, allowing one to pretend nothing has taken place.

Our society has become so accustomed to not questioning the rightness or validity of choosing this act,  40 million lives have been snuffed out with little fanfare.   How do we fight back against the ugly argument of 40 million potential coat hangers?

You beat an argument of ugliness with an argument of beauty.  We have lost 40 million luminaries.  We have lost 40 million lives.  We have lost 40 million lights that would have made the world far brighter.   The March for Life takes place this January 22nd.  If you can’t go, put out some luminaries for ten souls lost to the horror and ugliness that is abortion.  Ask your friends and parish to do the same. Maybe one day, we can show the whole world what 40 million looks like via beauty, and maybe that will make someone considering ugliness, embrace beauty instead.

Copyright 2009 Sherry Antonetti