• @Brookesblog I did a podcast interview with him at http://tinyurl.com/cl8eey in reply to Brookesblog #
  • Manuscript just sent to my publisher - heart racing a million miles an hour! Still much work to be done but happy & grateful for your help! #
  • @DanielleBean that is desperation time!! May the force be with you!! in reply to DanielleBean #
  • Home from the gym and becoming reacquainted with the stacks of work on my desk! Time to go into "to do" list mode! #
  • @GregWillits show sounds great - I missed you last week when I was gone. Hey, I'm an arbitron rater now and am logging lots of TCND hours! in reply to GregWillits #
  • Happy to be home and looking forward to a productive Monday - hope your week is off to a great start too! #

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