grilled-cheeseToday's recipe was shared by Christy J. (daughter of Maria J. of Secrets of Farmville Fame), who shares, "Here's something my brother really likes and is so simple to make. It's a perfect match for David's tomato soup."

Grown-Up Grilled Cheese Sammich

sliced bread (any kind--you can be all traditional and use Wonder Bread, but I like the all-grain that is tasty and has texture)
slices of cheese (I've used plain ole yellow american, but muenster, and provolone are good too!)
half a small onion, sliced thin
2 tsp butter

Grill onion in butter on medium heat until soft. Remove from pan. Place slice of bread in pan, layer cheese, onions, and cheese, and add top slice of bread.

Toast bread over medium heat. When bread is cooked to your liking (I like it golden brown, a little on the crispier side) turn over and repeat. You might want to add a little more butter so it doesn't stick.

Sandwich is done when the cheese is melted and the bread is toasted to your liking. That's it -- so easy. Clean up isn't so bad, either.

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