dyer_lorrieThis week during Scripture class we had a discussion about Covenants with God.  Throughout history God has made Covenants with His people.  When I think of Covenants I think specifically of the promises God has made to us.  However, through this discussion I realized God isn’t the only one making Covenants.

As I thought about Covenants marriage came to mind.  Yes, we make a "Covenant" to our spouses when we get married.   What some may not realize is that we also make a "Covenant" with God.  When we get married in the church we are making a promise shared between our spouse, God and us.

With these thoughts I realized that if I were able to keep in mind the fact that I didn’t just make a promise to my husband but I also made a promise to God, I would treat the Sacrament of marriage with greater respect.  There are times I behave poorly, say things I would say to God.   There are times when I expect more of my husband than perhaps I should.  If he forgets something, I am not as easy on him as I am those outside of our family.  I know we are all human but when we keep God central in our lives, we seem to treat others with the respect and kindness they deserve.

I believe this promise we share is why we call marriage a Sacrament.  It truly is a Sacrament that should be cherished and treated with the utmost respect.  When I keep God as my focus in life, I am less likely to behave in mannerisms that are not God-like.

Recalling that God shares a part in my marriage promise helps me to remain true to the Sacrament of marriage.  I was recently talking to a friend about marriage.  He shared with me his perspective on marriage.  He said that the husband and the wife are not what are most important in the Sacrament of marriage, it is the promise we make to God.  I thought about what he had to say.  I found merit in his words.  And the bottom line is the promise we made to God.  It is easy to forget that marriage isn’t just between two people but between a man, a woman and God.

Throughout history God has provided us with many great examples of upholding Covenants.  He has shown us the importance of keeping our promises.  Our marriage Covenant deserves the same effort we give to all of the other commitments in life that are truly less important.  By recalling that God is a part of our marriage Covenant we can share a beautiful relationship with God and our spouse by keeping our marriage Covenant.

Copyright 2010 Lorrie Lane Dyer