The Richard family is not only blessed with the graces of a devout Catholic faith, but also of amazing musical gifts. They have taken this faith even further as a family who not only prays together, they also sing together. Mary and Louis Richard, with their children Nicole, 21, Cecile, 18, Catherine, 15, Daniel, 13, and Anna, 10, have found that this common love of music has brought them together in ways they never imagined to be possible. All members are vocalists as well as masters in various instruments. This culmination of familial love, musical love and the love of their Catholic faith has cemented a unique bond as a family.

The songs on this CD titled "Calling You" were written over 25 years of ministry by Mary and Louis. They were immersed in liturgical music during Charismatic Renewals of the late 70's and 80's. They live in Canada and share these gifts in many venues throughout Canada. One of their goals of this album is to raise money for a project spearheaded by a Catholic nun in Uganda. Their eldest daughter, Nicole, who accompanied an American Catholic lay evangelist on a mission trip to Uganda in 2007, met Sr. Mary Bernard Tumusiime, who runs an orphanage for children whose parents have died of AIDS or are too sick to care for them. Wanting to take the burden off overseas donors and the diocese of Torolo, Tumusiime was looking for funds to help build a rooming house that could provide ongoing income for the orphanage. Portions of the CD profits have been earmarked for this need. It gives a higher purpose in God's work by doing this.

As you listen to the CD you find the beauty in the voices from youngest to eldest. The blending of their voices in beautiful, pure clarity brings out a contemplative sound. If I had to pick my 2 highlight songs (although this is very difficult in this wonderful collection) I would say "Let the Children Come" which displays the joys of youth and Jesus' love as he invited them to come to him. My second favorite is a wonderful rendition of the "Hail Mary" prayer. I also must compliment the excellent instrumentation throughout. Although most of this album will bring you to a prayerful place, there are a couple tunes which will have you tapping your feet to their upbeat rhythms.

I look forward to more from this gifted family!

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Reviewed by Sally Bolderson