By far, this is Katholicus' best album to date. If you love that classic rock sound, this is the CD for you. They mix their love of classic rock, progressive rock, with a touch of 80's metal to make them the Petra of Catholic music. One noticeable thing with this album--you can hear the words. Sometimes with rock, the music overpowers the lyrics, even with some Christian bands. But the words are important, and Katholicus wants to share their message, and they do so very powerfully.

"The Narrow Road" - Katholicus kicks off their newest album with this song about taking the narrow road to Heaven, rather than the "easy" road to hell. Adam Miller is by far one of the best guitarists in Catholic music, and his talents are quite evident here. This one will liven up that Altar & Rosary Society meeting!

"There's a Home" - In this world where we can think we have no place to go, we have a home--The Church is our home on earth. A lighter-tempo song with great melody and harmony. And I think I hear a Peter Frampton-like guitar solo towards the end. Love it!

"Where Have the Angels Gone" - "Where have the angels gone? Where are the miracles? How can we carry on? There's alot that can go wrong." We need faith in order to do God's Will, and sometimes it's frightening. But we are called to help others, so we need to trust in God. Great melody, great lyrics.

"Do You Hear Me" - Do we hear God calling us, or do we shut Him out? That's the message of this song--listening to God calling us. I can imagine this being sung live in concert.

"Pull Me Through" - A fast-tempo song, driving beat, great guitar and vocal harmonies. "We need Your grace to carry on, to pull me through". We need God's grace to do anything. Otherwise, we're lost.

"Carry on My Friend" - "Carry on in love, carry on in charity, that's the way it's meant to be." A song reminding us to live our lives faithfully to God and to each other, to carry on faithfully to the end, until we meet God face to face.

"Follow the Light" - I love the orchestral opening to this, then it expands to a powerful rock anthem. This song reminds of St. Paul saying that he ran the race, running towards the prize. Keep your eyes on the goal - follow the Light.

"Fire Life" - Great acoustic guitar solo starting off this song, a slower-tempo song. Fire means several things to us - the Fire of God's mercy, the fire that cleanses us in Purgatory, and the Fire of God's love that will never end. That's the fire we want to experience--His love for us.

"Reconciled" - ballad dealing with reconciliation and confession. This was Jesus' message throughout His ministry on earth--the Kingdom of God is at hand, and we need to repent and turn back to God. As with the other songs, the harmonies are tight, and the instrumentation is excellent. There's a little Spanish touch to the acoustic guitar on this song.

"The Crusader-Pilgrimage" - an instrumental track that highlights the excellent musicianship of Katholicus. This band can go from quiet ballads to all out rock anthems. Indeed, this song does that. A great example of people using their talents to serve God and His people.

"Heaven Forever" - start off with a quiet electric guitar solo with acoustic guitars guiding it. Then the vocals come in, singing about Heaven. Seek the Lord and His Kingdom, and you will live forever. That's what we're all aiming for! Katholicus brings this album to a close with a powerful song that will remind us that we need to keep our eyes focused on Heaven, our eventual Home.

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