lh_movieDespite the hubbub I caused over at Faith & Family Live with my recent post on the film Eclipse, I always really enjoy viewing and then blogging about movies.  So I've decided to work my way through the films recognized by the USCCB as 2009's Top Ten (or including the family films, Top Twenty).  Since we have Netflix and several of these are available to watch instantly, I am going to start with the top of the list, Blind Side, and work my way through the films.  I'll probably manage one or two per week, and would love to have you join me in discussing them after viewing.  So I'll announce my next film and a "discussion date" at Facebook, Twitter and here on the blog.  Care to join me?

First up is The Blind Side and I'll be posting about it on Saturday or Sunday this week.  See the entire list here.

Drop a comment here to let me know you'll be watching too!  See you at the movies!