Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer Catholic Fiction Giveaway. We have 28 books and 24 different titles, extending from adult fiction genres (including sci-fi/fantasy, women's fiction, general) to young adult, middle grade, and children's fiction.

Thanks to the following authors, publishers, and donors who made this possible: Bezalel Books, Pauline Books & Media, Sophia Institute Press, Nancy Belanger, Regina Doman, Anne Faye, Carol Grund, Ellen Gable Hrkach, Mark Sebanc, and Gerard Webster. Note: CatholicMom.com receives a small percentage if you purchase any of these books using the links provided below to Amazon.

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The Stoneholding AND Darkling Fields of Arvon (package of 2 books)

Jim Anderson & Mark Sebanc

"The Stoneholding" is the first installment in a major new epic fantasy series. It is the tale of Kalaquinn Wright, who is called to assume the mantle of leadership during a time of unprecedented upheaval. In the second book, "Darkling Fields of Arvon," his adventures continue, as he passes through many dire perils. Reminiscent of the stories of King David, Frodo Baggins, and the mythical realm of Narnia, fantasy fans will recognize the many classic influences that inform the series. As the co-authors explain, however, they do not write Christian fantasy, but they are Christians who write fantasy.


John Desjarlais

When professor Reed Stubblefield is disabled in a school shooting, he retreats to a rural cabin to recover and write a book. Oddly, in the chill of early March, the campgrounds and motels are filled with the ill and infirm seeking the healing touch of the town's new parish priest, reputed to be a stigmatic. Skeptical about religion, Reed is drawn into a friendship with the cleric. The priest collapses and bleeds to death right in front of his parishioners. Discovering he’s the prime suspect, Reed races to find the truth before he gets arrested . . . or killed.

The Story of Peace

Miriam Ezeh

A truly astonishing and engaging story of what it means to live responsibly in a time of love, war, and peace. Should be required reading for every teenager and adult, wherever they live, whatever their situation. I could not put it down. Would make a great movie. - Stanley D. Williams, Ph.D. Author, Producer, and Distributor Nineveh's Crossing

Through the Open Window

Anne Faye

Lucy Lyons is trying to escape her past. Content to work as a librarian and live with her dog, all she wants is a simple life with no complications. When she decides to take the plunge and write a novel during National Novel Writing Month, she gets more than she bargained for. Her writing will not only force her to face secrets, but will also put her in the path of a handsome artist who shares her love of the written word. "Through the Open Window" is an engaging novel about the secrets we keep and hopes for second chances.

Emily’s Hope

Ellen Gable

The gripping story of one young woman’s spiritual journey from high school to adulthood. Interspersed throughout the story are flashbacks to Emily’s great-grandmother’s troubled life, with a climax culminating in the surprising revelation that Emily and her great- grandmother are connected more deeply than by ancestral ties alone. Based on a true story.

In Name Only

Ellen Gable

Caroline Martin’s life has finally taken a turn for the better. After years of hard work, she has met a virtuous and wealthy man whose love seems to promise the kind of life realized only within the comforting novels she keeps on her night table. Tragedy, however, will teach Caroline of the complexity with which God Himself authors the lives of those who turn towards him.

Sand and Water

Anabelle Hazard

Innocent idealist and devout Catholic Alana O'Keefe prayed three Hail Mary's everyday for her future husband from six years old. Heaven answers her prayers in a most unexpected manner by sending her charming Atheist Lukas Swenson. Heaven intervenes and orchestrates a surprising meeting with a woman he cannot forget. What follows is a series of twists and turns, of hits and misses, of discovering God's will and one's destiny and finding true love in a romance that can only be written by the Mother of God.

The Green Coat: A Tale from the Dust Bowl Years

Rosemary McDunn

It's amazing how naturally McDunn weaves God's sovereignty into the story to explain why God allows hurt, death and disappointment into our lives. The story has a lot to say about how, in the midst of tragedy, God is at work through the silent, selfless works of sacrifice and love, which are paid back one hundred fold. [It] is the type of historical fiction that is at once both educational and morally sound. - Pam Williams, Public Middle School Teacher, Catholic Religious Education Instructor

Joey’s Journey

Brad Thomas

"Joey's Journey" follows one man's path to the papacy. Electing an American pope won't come easy but God's will certainly prevails amidst drama and deception. Filled with inspiration and hope, "Joey's Journey" is a "must read" that will keep the reader engrossed until the very end where the words "Habemus Papam" will bring a joyful leap to the reader's heart!

The Song at the Scaffold

Gertrud Von Le Fort

"One of the great Christian classics of all time." — Michael O’Brien. Blanche de la Force enters a Carmelite convent during the French Revolution — but is she strong enough to take the crown of martyrdom that awaits the Carmelites? An enthralling spiritual novel.


Gerard D. Webster

Ward McNulty had it all: successful career, beautiful girlfriend, and rich and powerful friends.  But he gained it at the cost of his faith…a story of fall, forgiveness, and redemption…of family values against a worldly culture…and of a lost son coming home.

Murder in the Vatican: The Church Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes

Ann Margaret Lewis

A sudden death in the Vatican. An international incident over stolen artifacts. A priest’s wrongful imprisonment for murder. Follow the greatest detective ever as he investigates three baffling cases at the "express desire of his Holiness, the Pope." Stories include: "The Death of Cardinal Tosca," "The Vatican Cameos," and "The Second Coptic Patriarch." You'll encounter baffling crimes, rich, historical settings, and a fateful encounter with Father Brown! These thrilling tales of murder and intrigue vividly bring to life three of Watson’s "untold tales!"


Dear God, I Don’t Get It!

Patti Maguire Armstrong

This is the perfect story for 3rd through 6th grade Catholic kids and classrooms with excellent writing, vocabulary and thinking activities incorporated at the end of the book. It combines a great story with age-appropriate apologetics and is endorsed by best-selling authors Emily and Jeff Cavins as well as Bishop Zipfel.

Olivia and the Little Way

Nancy Carabio Belanger

Fifth-grader Olivia has moved to a new school and is eager to make friends.  Her best friend quickly becomes someone she has never seen-St. Therese of Lisieux.  With the help of her grandma, Olivia learns about the Little Way of serving God and how it can change everything! This beautifully illustrated novel celebrates the life of St. Therese and will inspire children to follow her example and discover their own Little Way miracles.

Little Rainbow Rosary

Rose Maria Dennis

Beautiful story of a young girl’s quest to learn about the beauty of the Rosary.

Alex O’Donnell and the Forty CyberThieves

Regina Doman

In this high-tech thriller, Alex returns from college to find that his dad has inadvertently discovered a mysterious website which leads to sudden wealth. But at what cost? Mayhem, martial arts, and murder ensue even as Alex pursues marriage with Kateri who wonders why she's letting herself be a part of the madness. But in the end, it just might be the anti-technological Kateri who saves the day...

Catholic, Reluctantly (John Paul 2 High series, Book One)

Christian M. Frank

George Peterson would rather wrestle at a big high school, but he has to go to a new school run by Catholic parents: John Paul 2 High. Only seven kids in the whole school! The building is falling apart. Weird things keep happening. And then there’s Allie Weaver, drop-dead gorgeous, barely Catholic. Why did her parents suddenly transfer her to John Paul 2 High? And what is she so afraid of?

Trespasses Against Us (John Paul 2 High series, Book Two)

Christian M. Frank

Celia Costain finds it tough being thought of as the perfect principal's daughter at John Paul 2 High. Being Catholic has never been easy, but now Celia’s friends are all dating and say she’s uptight. Celia can deal with that, but how can she relax with someone stalking her friend Allie? And no one will tell her what’s really going on!

Anna Mei: Cartoon Girl

Carol A. Grund

Sixth-grader Anna Mei Anderson is not only the new kid at school—she’s the new kid who’s Chinese and adopted. But when she starts transforming herself into someone less unusual, she soon realizes there’s a price to pay for her deception. God must have a plan for her—but how will she figure it all out? The answers only come when Anna Mei starts listening to her own voice, and the voices of the people who’ve cared about her all along. Humorous and poignant, wholesome but not preachy, it’s a story for anyone who has ever worried about fitting in.

Hiding the Stranger in Hickory Valley

Joan L. Kelly

The adventure begins when a young farm girl, Katie, finds an unconscious teenager in a meadow. When she and her siblings try to help him discover answers, they find themselves involved in intrigue and possible danger. Who is this mysterious stranger who suddenly shows up on a small Illinois farm? Where did he come from? Where is he going? This first book in the trilogy takes the reader on an adventure filled quest!

Hiding the Stranger on Baker Street

Joan L. Kelly

The adventure, which began in "Hiding the Stranger in Hickory Valley," continues as our hero is followed by vicious kidnappers. While the teen waits at the house of a new friend, he finds adventure and narrowly escapes recapture in the town of Bedford. As our young stranger continues the quest to find his identity and reach home, his memory begins to return. He has the courage to run through fire and the wisdom to help Chris with a secret. This is the second book of the 'Hiding the Stranger' trilogy that takes the reader on an adventure filled journey!

Hiding the Stranger: The Journey Home

Joan L. Kelly

The adventure that began on a small Illinois farm comes to a conclusion in the active city of Chicago. Our teenaged hero's quest to find his identity and reach home culminates at the historic Union Station. See how one boy's fate will be changed by another's act of total self-sacrifice. This is the third book in the trilogy (Hiding the Stranger on Baker Street and Hiding the Stranger in Hickory Valley) that takes the reader on an adventure filled journey! See why Mrs. Kelly's work has been called "highly recommended for community libraries."

My Big Feet

Joan L. Kelly

Becoming a part of a group and having friends can be a lot of fun; however, we have all gone through times when we didn’t quite seem to fit in. Rob Sanderson and his friends knew that they weren’t part of the ‘popular’ kids, but that didn’t stop them from accepting each other and facing life’s challenges. Join this group of misfits as they combine forces to find a way to outwit dangerous spies and save their new classmate and her family. Each copy includes a student resource section in back with reading comprehension questions, word searches, and writing assignments.

Friend 2 Friend: Twelve Short Stories

Diane M. Lynch (Ed.)

This collection of twelve short fiction stories includes a page of reflection and discussion questions after each story. Each story features a different aspect of the ups and downs of friendship and how the friends confront and resolve their problems and misunderstandings through faith and good humor. Perfect for classroom use as well as by middle-grade readers ages 8–12.


Claudia Cangilla McAdam

Fear drives me forward as I rush down a rocky path in Jerusalem, trying to sort things out even as dusk makes it harder to hurry. Am I really an American girl, cast back to the time of Jesus? I don’t know anymore. But I do know that something awful is about to happen to my Jesus: they’re going to arrest him tonight, and kill him. It’s up to me to save him, hurrying down this dark path toward Gethsemane, toward the turning point of all history, the attempt to kill Jesus . . .

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