Nancy Campbell, in her February edition of the Above Rubies newsletter writes:

"Dear mother, seek to be daily filled with the Holy Spirit. You need the filling of the Holy Spirit to serve your family. I need it too. Without the Holy Spirit filling our hearts we'll do it with resignation. We'll see it as drudgery. We'll complain. But when we are filled with the Holy Spirit we'll do it with joy, no matter what we are doing! Every task becomes a sacred task when we are filled with the Holy Spirit."

I believe that what Mrs. Campbell says about the Holy Spirit is true.

When we do all for the glory of God and ask Him to fill us with His Spirit, guide us by His Spirit, and help us through His Spirit, then all that we do, (no matter how insignificant, menial, or mundane it might seem on the surface), is sacred and joyful.

Have you ever noticed that tasks or duties become easier and we become more willing to carry them out with a joyful heart, if we are doing them for someone or something we care about?

For instance, I often hear of people with diabetes who are not all that great about sticking to their medical diets, testing the sugar levels, taking insulin, etc...

However, for someone like me, who suffers severely from diabetes gestationally (when I am pregnant) the limitations and requirements and diets and medications all seem so small to ask in order to keep a baby healthy and safe!!! I've often doubted whether or not I'd be so faithful and so diligent in my own care if I were a diabetic outside of pregnancy. There's something about being a mother...that when you know that your child is depending upon you, and your child needs you to do something in order for him/her to be healthy...then, you just "do it" doesn't matter how inconvenient or stressful or uncomfortable it just "do it" because your child needs it.

This helps me to reflect on Nancy Campbell's insight above in two ways:

1) This is how God is with US...we are His children...and we come in to this world in dire need...and He, being a loving, devoted, caring Father, does all that We need no matter the cost to Himself because he loves us and we are dependent upon Him.

2) If we return His love and live for His glory alone...then, all that we do...each duty, each task, each moment, each challenge, each milestone...All is for Him...and thus, living becomes a great joy!

As wives and mothers, we must remember to ask the Lord to fill us with His Spirit at the start of each new day...and then, during that day, at the start of each new task...for when we invite the Holy Spirit to abide in us...He enters in...and thereby, everything we do becomes sacred, necessary, meaningful, significant, and HOLY. When we do it for God...we will do our best… give and serve WILLINGLY...with a joyful heart.  Holy Spirit is our guide, then we will be less likely to whine or complain or slack off in our work.

Ask God to fill you with His Spirit today. It is the secret to joy in your work.

Copyright 2010 Judy Dudich