When we stand in the direct sunbeam of God’s light do we open our hands in peace to others or in a gesture of condemnation? Do we open our hearts and accept people where they are in this life, love the sinner not the sin or do we shake our hand at them? Are we using God’s name in vain when we condemn others? Or are we using God’s name when we choose to love each person unconditionally regardless of their choices?

If someone were to record our voices and we listened to our tone, our words and our emotions would we be pleased with what we would hear or would we want to erase the recording? Without a doubt there are causes we should stand up for, laws we want to pass, actions we have a passion to change but would God condone anyone of us judging the person, condemning their soul, with full knowledge hurting them in His name?

God is love. Jesus Christ came to this world as a rebel with a cause to set this world straight. He the son of God did not do it with hate, disdain, name calling or cruelty. He spoke with kindness and peace, he loved unconditionally, he touched the lepers, he forgave the sinners without stoning anyone and he is the Son of God. He came to teach us how to love and live. He is the example to follow. If you claim Christianity then follow the guidelines that Christ Himself taught nowhere did he ever say hate, condemn or tear down another human being.

Only you know in your heart if you open your hands with the peace of Christ to others of if you take God’s name in vain and condemn others. God gave us the freewill to do as we please in this lifetime but at some point we will pay the consequences for all the choices we have made. What choices are you making?

Copyright 2010 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp